Friday, August 31, 2007


Sure, mountains are beautiful.

so are oceans and waterfalls.

i even rather like

the french countryside.

but today,

today, i'll show you what's


finally, she gave in.

and this large package of #4's

will go on sitting. . .

unopened. . .

gosh, i'm really proud of her.

but deep down, i'm really proud of me, too.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


alex and i buy blueberries separately.

he likes to eat them fresh.

i like to "waste" them in recipes.

yesterday, milla and i

had a great time

wasting blueberries.

blue lips, blue teeth, blue fingernails,
blue apron, blue sink, blue counter.

well wasted.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

dasha's flower

this flower.
she is a gift from dasha.
from a very long time ago.
i'm not sure will ever die.
or maybe she's been dead for awhile.
i'd like to look like this
when i've been dead awhile.

Friday, August 24, 2007

too helpful

"oh wow, thank you, milla,
for bringing some toys to avi!
that was very nice of you, and i'm
quite sure she's very appreciative.
now do you think you can help me
put them back?"

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

from the balcony

I can see

a lasting epic of mr. stalin's reign.

1 of the seven sisters, quickly being

gobbled up from my view

by yet another apartment building.

and here

i can almost see

my in-laws place. but only if i lean. . .

Thursday, August 16, 2007

you try it!

"sit still, please."
"okay, yes, now don't. . . milla!"
"right there. . . now, wait!"
"would you just!"
"you rascals! avi, look!"
"stay there. okay, that's . . .!!!"
"MILLA! just look at me for a second. . ."
"sit up, avi. milla . . . get back here!"
"for. . . the . . . love. . ."
"milla! avi!"
"ah. . . forget it."

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

the merrilee bag challenge

and then merrilee comes up with a long distance way of rifling through my stuff.

"what's in my bag?" she asks. . .
1. polaroid sunglasses: finally i splurged for a pair of real sunglasses and i couldn't be happier with them. my eyes love me when i put these on.
2. givenchy wallet: this was a gift to my father-in-law that he kindly passed along to me. he has been my friend for several years now (the wallet that is)
3. purell: i like to think i'm not a purell junkie, but hey, what's wrong with that, anyway?
4. bib & spoon: avi likes me for these ones.
5. Elle: because i never know when i'm going to have to kill some time, in every sense of the word. usually when i'm sitting in the car with sleeping girls and waiting for alex to take care of one item of business or another.
6. bristle blocks guy: i mean, isn't this one an essential in every woman's purse? what explanation is needed?
7. piece of Babaevski chocolate: for when that blood sugar level drops.
8. Dirol mint/vanilla flavored gum: my favorite. now tell me you can find that in america!
9. flash drive: because i don't have a printer at home, i must print elsewhere!
10. burt's bees cuticle cream: there are only two beauty products that i feel have changed my life forever. this is one of them. if you want to know the other, please arrange for a personal consultation with me.
and lastly, the bag itself. a no-namer that i picked out and given to me by my sweet mom for christmas.
there you have it, a glimpse into my life to start off this record.
just please, no underwear drawer challenges, okay?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

the beginning

you know, there comes a time
in every woman's life, that she's got to

her own blog.

be it nothingness,

or neither.