Thursday, August 16, 2007

you try it!

"sit still, please."
"okay, yes, now don't. . . milla!"
"right there. . . now, wait!"
"would you just!"
"you rascals! avi, look!"
"stay there. okay, that's . . .!!!"
"MILLA! just look at me for a second. . ."
"sit up, avi. milla . . . get back here!"
"for. . . the . . . love. . ."
"milla! avi!"
"ah. . . forget it."


mer said...

you're girls are SO cute! I can't believe how much Milla is looking like you. Too precious.

Amy said...

Hooray. I am so glad you're up and running, and now I can look into your mind and your life! Your girls and so cute, and I am going to do my bag! Great idea!

MwH said...

Yeah! You finally joined the blog world! Now you'll hear from me weekly :). I can't believe how big Avi is already. The last photos I saw of her she was still a baby. loves!!

MwH said...

PS. How do you not have any diapers/wipes in your bag? :) And I have my comments emailed me to me so I get them right after you post them. Hey, can you ichat?

Lorajean said...

I Love this it is too too too true isn't it? candid photos are so beautiful though.(I am Merrilee Liddiard's Little sis.) I also used to a children's portrait photographer so I know all too well the picture struggle you recently experienced. :)