Thursday, September 20, 2007


and then there arose a chance
for the whole world
to get up close and personal
with yours truly.
if that was ever your intention
you can find a deeper
glimpse into my life


Melanie said...

Jen that was fabulous! I loved reading it - can't wait for the next one!!

emily said...

You are a very talented writer...I loved reading your thoughts.

I have absolutely NO problem with getting outside help. I have someone that helps me 2-3 half days per week and I love every minute of it. I am so excited to see Madelyn when I get home...but I'm also so excited to go out and have some "me" time. Nothing wrong with that!

Mindi said...

All I can say Jen, is WOW! Your writing is amazing and your feelings are those I can completely relate to.. maybe because I know you too. Good luck with whatever your next step is.. even if it is to just be with your girls. You are a talented, amazing, loving mother! Avi and Milla are lucky to have you.. but I can imagine how nice it is get away to do your own thing once in a while too... even if it's to go buy milk, without the whole ordeal of packing everyone up! Keep us posted. Love ya!

Christine said...

Jen, I love your writing style. You are so talented and are such a cute and creative mom. Hope you write another one of these.

Nicole said...

Loved it! Can't wait for the next installment! And I'm glad that I'm not the only one that cries when the baby does! :)

Rebecca said...

I loved this! I'm pretty sure I would have felt the same with someone "helping" out. I guess I was raised to expect to do it all and then get nothing done as well. I love getting an inside glimpse of your urban/exotic lifestyle - so different from the Banner I once knew, but then again, not so different:)

lyn said...

Thanks for sharing - very well written. I think that there is more in common with mother (regardless of what city/suburb/country we live in!) than we think sometimes!! One of my coworkers read it (she has a live in nanny that has been with them 18 months)....she totally agreed with all your comments - especially the protective part!!

Amy said...

Jen, I understand all too well, but you have put it oh so eloquently. You are amazing to me.