Wednesday, September 12, 2007

enough ghosts already

it's time for me to get smarter than my moving targets.

not quite ready for a digital slr.
but i am ready
to be able to get a better ratio
than 1:80 clear:blurry.
can i find a digital camera with
adjustable shutter speed
and aperture that isn't slr???
talk to me. tell me what you got.
that is, only if you see less ghosts than i do.


Melanie said...

We have a Kodak easyshare... I am not all technological savvy, but it's a pretty good camera. We've had some blur, but it has an action shot option on it and that seems to help.

Rebecca said...

This is so funny! I don't get many ghosts but my crazy researching tendencies have not taken me down the path of more professional photography...yet. We have a canon powershot...I love it! I could say many great things about anything canon...that's a start, right?

ktb said...

No comment

Christine said...

We have the Canon Powershot also and I love it. I do get tons of those ghosts when the flash is off. I am dreaming of getting an SLR someday. I wish for a Nikon D70...someday.