Monday, September 24, 2007


now milla & mom have carried on the

weekly tea party tradition
for over a month already. it is the
highlight of the week,
for some of us.

of course this number
does not include avi, since
the tea party takes place
during nap time.
then there was that 1 time,
when we just stuck avi in
the living room, while
we did our thing.
she didn't seem to mind too much.
"it's okay, guys, while you're
in there doing your thing,
i'll just be in here
doing mine."

(of course i had a hard time understanding
this through the mouth full of keys.)


Nicole said...

love the tea party idea - do you think I can convince Curtis (and Kevin) to adopt it?

mer said...

Oh, Jen this is priceless! I love Avi and the missing keys. So something Atticus would do.

Mindi said...

Wow, Avi's got dexterity. Luckily Jack hasn't figured that one out yet!

Bess said...

Jen, I was so happy to hear from you on my blog. Your kids are so cute. I love the picture of your little girl tearing apart the computer.
How long have you been in Russia? Probably forever since I am way out of the loop.

Emma said...

I agree. Impressive dexterity. I'm sure this is an early indication of a special enterprising skill of some sort that will be very valuable to her as the years progress.

LKC said...

Oh goodness! Please tell me that was a "spare" computer.