Friday, October 19, 2007

heads up

i was very pleased and
to see some locals achieve
the new awesome
sporting the hipster mullet.
i have not yet been so inclined
to catch one of these
beauties in action yet,
but you can see
for yourself
what all the rage is about
and by the way, yes,
russia is ahead of the states
in fashion, so
look out.
coming soon to a
neighborhood near you.


Melanie said...

I wait in frozen anticipation of the understandably covet-able mullet to hit the streets of Minneapolis!! Sweet!!

emily said...

Eewww, sick! I have this atrocity here a few times already. Maybe I should tell Marty I have a new hair style in mind for him...?

LKC said...

Did you realize that the author of "the new awesome" is Rebecca, the girl who stayed with us and who we had dinner with at Starlight?

Mindi said...

Fashion does repeat itself ... but does a mullet count as "fashion"?

Christine said...

I think most guys look creepy in it...except for the two guys pictured third to the last.