Friday, October 12, 2007

it's alive!

now i will be the first to say
there are a few characteristics
about two-year-olds
that are not so cute.
i will not take time to elaborate
on that here.
but what i will elaborate on
is that
absolutely endearing
characteristic of talking
to or about everything
as if it was alive.

yesterday we were talking to our
favorite yellow disc.
"желтый! желт-ый! пойдем в твою комнату!
желтый! желт-ый!"
("yellow! yel-low! let's go in your room!
yellow, yel-low!")

one time she got real excited when
i pulled the chips out of the cupboard.

"chips!! hi, chips!"

then there was the time i took
her soup bowl from her
to wash it out in the sink.

"soup, where you going?
побежал суп."
(soup's ran off.)

and not too long ago we were
at the park, when i noticed
she was missing her hat.

"milla, where's your hat?
what happened to it?"

"oh, he'll be right back. . ."


Melanie said...

I hope the hat was able to go somewhere fun on his adventure!! She is so imaginative!

ktb said...

I talk to my car all the time and my hair (it's not really alive you know)

Jen Richards said...

What a darling thing to say about her hat (and very creative!)- little Milla is so cute!

Christine said...

I love when kids say the darndest things. Like the other day when my little one used his new favorite words as he pointed to my behind..."big bum mommy"

Nicole said...

kids say the darndest things! she is darling!

Anton Antonovich said...

Mima still thinks I am cooler than Paul!!! I don't care what Zholty says...

lyn said...

It's so fun to see their personalities develop the older they get!!

Mindi said...

Very clever, that Milla is so cute...

Julie said...

Kate and James do that too. We get a "Bye house!" and a "Hi house!" as we leave and return. I'm glad to read that it's normal.

Amy said...

So, I've been wondering how the languages work in your family. Is Milla speaking Russian or english? Do you speak in english, Alex in Russian?