Wednesday, October 31, 2007

old costumes

old costumes,
new year.
and nobody knows
the difference.
thank heavens for
the american community
in which we were
able to see avi's
first halloween
and milla's first

now i just need
to get that candy hid
long enough for her
to forget
ever happened.
best ghost shot yet,
and seasonally appropriate.


Julie said...

Very cute girls. The picture of Avi by the chair is very sweet. She looks like her daddy. Hope you all are well. I'm glad you found a place to trick-or-treat in Russia.

greta said...

I know that same trick. I wonder if Tanner thinks he can only be thomas the train or a pirate? He has already said next year he will be the pirate... I was thinking about you last night and if trick-or-treating was going on where you were. i'm glad it did.

emily said...

CUTE costumes and even cuter kids. The real question is...did you get good ol' fashioned American candy this year?

Mindi said...

How do they still fit this year? So cute, btw. AND Milla really got to eat candy?! :)

Nicole said...

very cute costumes! And what kind of candy did you get?