Friday, October 5, 2007



by milla prokhorov

artist's statement:
eating a couple bites out of my plums
this morning really inspired me to
think of the repetition of life
and how every day just seems to be
like one darned thing
after another.


Just one tall girl named Laurel said...

Hi Jen! I saw your comment on Em's page and pulled up your blog! It's so cool! I'm glad you guys are doing well out there. How'd you get music on your blog?

Amy said...

I can completely sympathize with that. I was just wondering how the heck I could stir up the monotony a bit. Too bad I don't have enough ff miles to fly my girls and I to Moscow so we could do it together. love ya

Mindi said...

Wow.. deep thoughts... I just think about how yummy fresh plums taste! They do make a cool design on the table too. Love from your simple-minded friend. :)