Monday, October 8, 2007

pure savageness

so when alex's mom travels,
she likes to bring back gifts.
these are most often for milla.
sometimes she has an
interesting idea
of what she might like.

the last trip to montenegro
yielded two gifts
for the young lass.

the first:
a clown mask.

very unfunny.
and this one did not leave
grandma's house.
but the second,
is indeed, quite

the second is a little
gardener's set.
complete with a pot,
shovel, dirt, rake, seeds,
and of course,
now i'm not out to make fun
of the chinese,
but they themselves titled
this set the
children funny
planting series

what else did they say?
cultivate the patience,
carefulness and observe ability.
includes pure savageness medium
innocuous, pollutionfree,
high-quality excellent seed,
the germination percentage of
per share reaches to 100%
and here are the instructions:
1. soak seed to about 12 hours
with 35 warm water first
2. will lie quality is poured in
flower pot inside, wetting
through with the water.
3. plant the seed in lie the quality
inside, transplant the roughly
seed thickness in depth 2 times.
4. placed the cool place the flower
pot (20-30 deg), everyday keeps
to lie the appropriate degree
of humidity in quality.
5. pls be patient to wait for the
burgeon about 7-10 days, after
two leaves appear, put the
plastic cover away.
6. put the tin exposed to the sun
(avoid the direct sunshine) and
keep the humidity.
and lastly:
7. do not let the seed in the sun,
and bring it up with your love,
it is very funny to see the flower.
gosh, guys, i don't even have
to see the flower,
i am laughing already.


MwH said...

That is hilarious!! So good to chat this morning.

mer said...


Christine said...

I love reminds me of the note I once wrote to my students parents (in Russia). Why did I even attempt to write in Russian? I remember them laughing at me about it.

Mindi said...

I'm sure someone was so proud to be able to put their translation knowledge on that package! Thanks for sharing- everyone needs to laugh hard each day. I know I did today.

Amy said...

Mel's blog has some funny signs in Shane's school too. Doesn't anyone in that country know english well enough to translate. I suppose the answer would of course be yes, but I would guess that they really don't care. And why would they??? I love you posts.

Rebecca said...

That is freaking hilarious!!!