Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Город-- Танцы Минус
by Tantsy Minus
I walk along the Prospekt
Amidst the night-life.
I walk because I have legs,
I can walk, and that’s why I do.
I walk towards colorful window displays,
As expensive limousines fly past.
The women within them whirl by
with burning eyes,
Cold hearts, golden hair.

There are few stars in the sky, but it’s no big deal.
Here, there’s one in every house, and not only one.
Electricity, gas, telephone and water,
Communal paradise without troubles or worries.

The smoke from tall smokestacks,
the race of gray clouds,
The coming of cold winds will show us.
The dance of the sun’s rays
in the spider web of telephone wires
Over tin roofs of scuffed houses.

The city is a fairy tale, the city is a dream,
Falling into its nets you become lost forever.
Swallowing its air of colds and cross-draughts,
And the scent of exhaust and expensive perfumes.


d/b/c/m said...

lovely. it put me there.

Mindi said...

We reminisce and miss Russia. What a beautiful city... we have beautiful memories.