Tuesday, November 27, 2007

good day

that day was a
good day.
the day we got to
meet for dinner.

it pretty much
made up
for the last time we tried,
when he was called back to
that place he goes
everyday, the
very moment
we sat down.
p.s. 3 days and counting. . .


Mindi said...

Three days until what?! :) You make me feel like I missed something. Alex is looking quite dapper in the that picture. And I know he wasn't even trying. :) Did he know was was going global?

emily said...

I relate so much to this post that it hurts. Hope you guys had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed your time together...

Amy said...

I too understand all too well... 3 days and counting of what??? You've piqued my interest!

Dean said...

The countdown is over! Here's to many more family dinners together.

greta said...

hello alex