Friday, November 16, 2007


the goose is getting fat!
for the first
time in my life i am purchasing
christmas decorations.
(don't read into that)
found this number yesterday
and couldn't not
have it.
the festive mood
is simmering!
(more to come. . .)


mer said...

oooh, ahhh

Nicole said...

so beautiful! you're definitely a grown up when you start buying real Christmas decorations.

the Kennedy family said...

wow! that is cool. makes me want to go find some new christmas decorations. great find!

MwH said...

Oh I love it!! Can't wait to see the rest of your Christmas decorating.

JaneH said...

Christmas is a wonderful time.
Christmas decorations set the stage.
Grandma H

Mindi said...

:) We had something similar to that when I was growing up. Except that ours had lights interspersed among the pinecones. I think ours was the product of a Homemaking activity for my mom... yours is much classier. :)