Wednesday, November 7, 2007

ode to avi

10 things i wish i could do

all day long:

1. listen to you giggle

2. stand above you and watch your

little ball self maneuver around

3. kiss your cheeks

4. listen to you eat

5. watch you playing with toys,

discovering your world

6. squeeze any part of you

7. watch you eat raisins

(kicking in excitement)

8. cuddle with you

9. watch you clap when music comes on

10. breathe your baby scent

please don't let this birthday

make you any older. . .


the Kennedy family said...

How sweet. Happy birthday, Avi! We miss you guys.

Diane said...

Jen, she's gorgeous! Just like her sister. I think we'll be around during the holidays - we'll look forward to seeing your family! xoxo,Di :)

Mindi said...

touche! (can't find the accent key for the "e") We cannot wait to see you guys!!!