Monday, December 3, 2007

new life

and we
the end of the
sputnik era
bon 2
by Philip Starck

and slide
right into the next
career move with
hardly a second
catch our breath.

here's to high hopes. . .


the Kennedy family said...

congrats, guys! hope this one works out for the best, we're excited for you! good luck alex. looks like a fun place to celebrate, too.:)

Mindi said...

hmmm... guess we are in for a good story. can't wait to hear all about it!

Krista said...

Did I miss something? I don't get it...

Amy said...

OK, you've got to give me more than that? What is the news?

jen prokhorov said...

new job, guys, new job!

MwH said...

yes, but where is the new job if it is the end of the sputnik era? :) Congrats!!! Hope the job is in DC. :)

Christine said...

Will this job bring you back to Utah??? That would rule.