Thursday, December 13, 2007


if you've never
sung with an
before, it really should
go on your
goal list.
it's one of those things
you just gotta

the feeling is
like no other.

of course milla
thought the
same thing
about the concert.

as soon as she
caught sight of me,
she was in hysterics
and had to be carried
out screaming. . .


the Kennedy family said...

i can relate. when i played the piano for the primary program, london did the same thing. doug spent the hour with her in the foyer. well, hope the concert went well, anyway. that would be quite an experience!

The Jackson Three said...

who knew that your fans would react so dramatically?

d/b/c/m said...

so awesome that you have a beautiful voice and so awesome that you use it. (i'm a little jealous.)

Christine said...

That's amazing that you got involved with this. How cool is that. Cute little Milla.