Thursday, January 31, 2008


it was 4am
when i awoke.
all the lights
in the house were on.
i got up to find
her dressed for the day.
though she was not
up already,
but still up.

she had already 
read all her books,
played with all her toys,
and was moving on to 
opening all my
bottles in the
after i put her
back to bed,
i laid in my own,
unable to sleep
thinking about the fact
 my 3-year-old 
had just spent 
2 1/2 hours
totally unattended.
what was next,
finding the matches?
downing a bunch 
of those yummy
star-shaped vitamins???
not just a literal
wake-up call. . .


the Kennedy family said...

wow, jen, you have a little night owl on your hands! maybe it's time to do away with afternoon naps? that's crazy.

Susan said...


Old friend Deborah Stephens had this problem with her third child, McKenzie. After consulting with pediatricians they installed a little lock on the outside of McKenzie's door and locked her in at night (after emptying her room of potential dangers). She would take all the clothes out of every drawer, every piece out of every puzzle box, even took the sheets off the bed some nights before falling asleep on the floor with arms outstretched and legs askew. Motherhood is a wild ride!

Christine said...

That would totally freak me out. My son did the same thing and now we have to put up a gate in his doorway so he won't escape. Good luck!

mer said...

Wow. My sis does the gate thing at the doorway too. Milla looks all too cute in her 4am get-up. She might be a dreamer who just can't let go of the day and will end up painting in the middle of the night to let go of it all. Our friends too have a little girl who wouldn't go to sleep (they'd find her in bed in the dark singing and running her feet up and down the wall. Their pediatrician recommended Benadryl (as it's relatively harmless) as a way to get her back on a normal sleeping schedule. Good luck with the little night owl.

ktb said...

Sometimes I do that too and no one is even watching me or even cares! I think it is cute - glad you documented it!

OnGod'sErrand said...

Don't lose too much sleep over it. You're going to need it the next day.