Tuesday, January 15, 2008


and tonight 
it was boris eifman's
'my jerusalem.'
 pure genius.
i wish you could have
saw what i saw
and felt what i felt.

ask me on a night
like tonight,
and i love
living here.


the Kennedy family said...

looks like a great show. glad you had a good time! that would be a cool thing about living in moscow. i miss you though.

Amy said...

There are many wonderful things about living in Moscow. One of the most wonderful I remember, was you living there, when we did. Oh, and the bliny stands!

Shannon said...

Don't care what you say, I'm glad it's not me there! I never thought I'd raise my family in good old UT but I don't think anyone could drag me away now - unless it was to Seattle. PS - I don't have a clue how you make your blog so fancy. I was pretty proud I figured out how to post 2 pictures! hmmm.... I'm a bit behind the times.