Thursday, January 10, 2008

highlight #2

overnight trip to 


Lindsay Van Orden said...

okay. could you not just walk around and take pictures of those cool buildings all day? sheesh. it looks awesome over there.
and to answer you questions...
1)jen, every christmas is the best christmas ever, c'mon.
2)yeah, i removed that part of my post... hank was a little embarrased.
3)zune is the new cool mp3 player
4)yes, another camera. but this one is tiny and has that great new smile feature. you literally just hold the camera and it takes it for you. no buttons, no focusing, no anything. they just have to smile. it's great with kids.

Susan said...

Hi, Friend!
The highlight of my day is clicking on the Ocharm bookmark on my computer! What lovely photographs of what must have been an amazing trip.
Miss you,

the Kennedy family said...

totally amazing pictures. what a cool place to visit. i still want that camera! (but does it have the smile feature??) someday.

JaneH said...

What a great trip. What a great way for us to keep up with your doings. Your pictures are great

OnGod'sErrand said...

It was a wonderful couple of days together! Thanks again for making our Christmas. You might check out OnGod'sErrand. I posted a couple of pictures of Milla there. I don't really have time to make my blog cool like your and I'm still trying to figure out how it works, so it looks like a feeble attempt at this point, but maybe I'll get better.