Saturday, January 12, 2008

highlights #4

new years eve
in upstate new york
and waking up 
to this:

if i couldn't have a white
christmas, i'll take a
white new years.
lunch in central park
with the ladies.

my beauts, always


jane & the token boy, davis
nestled in there somewhere.
milla's first haircut,
at 3 years-of-age.
it was time.

she wanted to get
it cut again for days

i would too, if i 
got to sit in a car
and watch baby einstein.


Krista said...

All your pictures are so are such a great photographer! And what beautiful children.

Mindi said...

I completely agree... gorgeous photos and gorgeous girls! Can't wait to see if my camera can take as good as pics as yours. ;) I'm only sorry I missed your call for lunch in the park... we're grateful for the other days though.

d/b/c/m said...

the snow! looked like heaven! and milla looks like an angel--love her haircut.