Monday, January 14, 2008


and then there are
those days
when i am so glad
for the excuse
to just stay home.
it's cold out.
we've all got colds.
and there's nowhere we
need to be.

while in new york
i searched in vain
for fresh cranberries.
and when i returned to moscow
miraculously they
were here to greet me.
they were even
ocean spray.
so we put them to good use.

we donned our new aprons.
and some of us, bowls. . .

found ocean spray's
own recipe here 
(the very best)

and set to work.

and mmmmm. . .
was it delish.


Susan said...

Um, should Milla be sitting on the top of the stove like that? And what are those plugs/outlet things right behind the stove? Russian fire hazard?


Mindi said...

Yum, another recipe to try! Hope you all are feeling better soon.

the Kennedy family said...

cute aprons! did you make those? the recipe looks yummy, too!

mer said...

so jen, did you make the aprons? too cute.

jen prokhorov said...

just milla's