Tuesday, January 22, 2008

midnight oil

after that
very long and drawn-out
ritualistic battle
to get her to go to
and stay in bed. . .
it finally grew quiet.
i only noticed why
an hour later
when i saw her light on.

that's why.


the Kennedy family said...

don't give up, jen. this too shall pass! at least she likes to read!

mer said...

too precious

Mindi said...

so you found a way to take nice pics without the flash? what a sleeping beauty... just like a doll.

Susan said...

Way to go, Milla! I always let my kids stay up an extra 30 minutes if they wanted to read. Or you can put her to bed early and then tell her she gets to stay up reading (this only works until they start telling time!. Does she read in English or Russian? Ha.

Rebecca said...

You know, I'm always of if they are quiet - and reading to themselves would be even better!