Thursday, January 17, 2008

one more thing

oh yeah,
and one last thing
that happened
over christmas break.

i became one of them.
(or one of you. . .)


mer said...

I'm so glad you finally have seen the light :).

Lindsay Van Orden said...

dude, those things are awesome. we keep looking at them and swearing it will be our next computer. in like 10 years... i'll call you for advice.

Colby said...


Colby said...

whoops- didn't realized i was signed in as colby.. it's really me. just a little grin because I know EXACTLY how you feel. ;)

Melissa said...

aaaaaaahhhh yeaaahhhhhhh. one of us.

Mac attack!

do you love it yet? are you close to an apple store? getting the classes was the best thing for me.

ktb said...

I'm a mac - congrats. You'll never go back!

Diane said...

good girl! ;) now, how about that macbook air?