Monday, January 7, 2008


and we return from
our holiday festivities.

we return to our
frosty 3.2 degrees.

i wouldn't call it
our smoothest flight so far.
no sleep,
hours of crying,
head congestion which
 of course meant painful ears 
(my hearing is still returning).

we did finally get them
to sleep.
for the final 1/2 hour
of the eight hour flight.
just in time to carry them
off the plane like
and then there was 
another leg of the flight. . .

3:30p: arrive in moscow.
4:00p: sleep in taxi
all the way home.
5:00p: lay on couch and watch
wired girls rediscover
all their toys
7:00p: get girls to bed.
8:00p: search in vain for that
darned toothbrush.
9:00p: fall over dead.
1:00a: girls already stirring.
2:00a: everyone in 1 bed.
3:00a: music playing in the kitchen,
people showering.
4:00a: on the road to starlite diner.
5:00a: everyone having a great time!
6:00a: back home to this.
8:00a: sun rises.

and it's
back to bed with us.


Susan said...

What a nightmare! It was totally worth it for me to see you guys, though (but I wasn't the one trying to soothe crying babies on an eight hour flight!).
Love you,

mer said...

wow, you guys are brave. I remember taking Atticus to Europe and thinking, "I could never do this with two" (but of course probably will because I love to travel so much and I love my kid(s) with me). Hope you had a great time NYC!

the Kennedy family said...

i don't know how you guys do it. you're just amazing. what a cute family. we need a starlite diner here, looks like a fun place! glad you made it back home.

Mindi said...

Guess my questions about the flight home have been answered... and then you've already taken a quick trip to Warsaw? Hopefully the trip was worth the difficult flight home. Good thing your darling girls are so adaptable. Hope you all get back on your schedules real soon. Love ya!

Lindsay Van Orden said...

okay. this?... was a funny post. i love that you took your kids to a starlite diner at 5am. i hope i can be just like you guys someday. good times.