Wednesday, January 23, 2008

to my girls

in my efforts to
ever improve in
the parenting arena,
a few of my thoughts
for the new year include:

relax more
say no less
sympathize more
expect less
play more
lose patience less
explain more
worry less
encourage more
hurry less
savor more


mer said...

beautifully said (and beautiful pics!)

JaneH said...

Jen, You are such a great Mom. You have precious children. Alex is a lucky man.

Mindi said...

Bless you! ... I second Janeh's comment.

the Kennedy family said...

me too! jen, you do so many things right. i wish i could be more like you. i love the way you put your resolutions. exactly what i'd like to do better myself! life is too short.

Lindsay Van Orden said...

i love that pic of Avi. She's so beautiful. and well said on the resolutions. i hope for all those things, just don't say it nearly as well. nice one.

OnGod'sErrand said...

Beautiful! But, I fear that if you conquer all of those resolutions---you'll be translated. Add---be patient with yourself. You're doing a wonderful job!