Tuesday, January 8, 2008

trip highlight #1

we welcome you to warsaw.
33rd floor.
and all you see are clouds.

and i introduce this faithful,
hard-working, dedicated, beautiful,
stalwart and exemplary missionary pair.
they also happen to be my parents.
boy, am i lucky.

the reconstructed old town.

a nose-honk
to keep take minds
off the blasted COLD.

old town square.


avi with grandpa.

bike shot to go
in the collection

pre-christmas party
with grandma & grandpa.


the Kennedy family said...

i'm so jealous! wish we could have been there with you guys. looks like a wonderful time. amazing pics, as always.

Bess said...

Your mom looks like she is 30. I thought it was your sister. How fun for them to see you guys.

Lindsay Van Orden said...

i'm jealous too. skype is great, but it's just not the same as in person. you're trip looked so fun. krakow looks like such a cool place. maybe we'll get over there sometime. sigh, sigh.

Lindsay Van Orden said...

ps: i love mom's hat. it's awesome.

Rebecca said...

Your parents are over there too? Were they just visiting? How cool is that! and yes, your mom looks way too young!

Amy said...

That is fabulous to get to spend time with your missionary parents. I didn't know that they were on a mission. So, POland, New York, Idaho? WHere else did you go?