Wednesday, February 27, 2008


it did take me awhile
to figure out
why european yogurt
is 100 times
better than that 
stuff you buy
in america.
so creamy, so rich,
so flavorful, delectable.

it took my paying
attention to the % milkfat.
i'm pretty sure that 
7.3% has something
to do with it.

fat-free yoplait
never again.


Julie said...

I agree 100%. There's good stuff in there too, so as long as you choose your fat sources carefully, European yogurt is the way to go!

Melanie said...

The best yogurt I have ever eaten was in Aruba - it was heaven on a spoon. I think it was imported from France...I never bothered to look at the nutritional info - I was too scared! I ate it every morning for breakfast. I would have eaten it for lunch and dinner too, but sadly, they didn't put it out.