Tuesday, February 26, 2008

black blobs

it wasn't until 
marina's house
that i realized.

when marina,
who is younger,
sat down to her paints
and carefully colored
each flower petal,
while milla creatively
mixed all the paints 
until there 
was that 
big black blob 
in the middle 
of the paper.

that's when i realized
it's not an age-thing.
it's already a
personality thing.

but i do stop her before
she paints a hole
through the paper. . .


the Kennedy family said...

she's got your creative mind, jen! don't worry, you'll have many more "hmmm, yes milla, that's interesting. tell me about it."s to come! she's adorable, i love her expression in that pic.

Julie said...

At least she's having fun. Look at that happy face!

Susan said...

marina is a wimp. you just need to have lots of art paper on hand. i assure you milla will reach an age when (on her own) she will not be satisfied by a black blob. and who will she turn to for guidance? her dear old mom who has always accepted her the way she is! But don't let her write on the walls (that's bratty, not creative). (am i allowed to say that?)

your little blog is the highlight of my work day (sad, I know)!

i love ya'll.

OnGod'sErrand said...

Someday those pictures will be worth thousands of dollars. Hang on to them. I'll buy one for sure!

Melissa said...

I bet little-girl-Jen painted just like that. creative little girl!

Kizzycakes said...

yes, i have "black hole" kids myself. in fact, i bet jane doesn't even know that a rainbow palette exists, since i refuse to buy her a new set of paints until she learns not to mix them. poor kids -- perhaps they'd be more creative if their mom didn't squelch it everytime it gets too messy!