Tuesday, February 12, 2008


today anya was married.
we were privileged 
enough to be 
invited to join 
in the merry-making.

the limousine riding.

the restaurant
at the top of the
federation tower
europe's tallest building.

one of a host 
of skyscrapers taking shape,
still under construction.

a model of more to come. . .

and my hot date.


the Kennedy family said...

wow, jen, what different worlds we live in. looks like an amazing wedding day for her. glad you guys got to be a part of it. congratulations to anya and her new husband.

LKC said...

as always, your pictures are amazing.

Susan said...

amazing! the food looks great. who did she marry? do you like him? what did her dress look like? why did they get married on a Tuesday? was the wedding in a church? need more info...

ruth said...

who's anya? alex's sister? i can't remember... doh! well, it looks like a great day for the bride anyway. whoever she is...

lyn said...

How beautiful! I love the bubble lights!!

Amy said...

I would love to see a picture of the bride? You are ALWAYS leaving me to wonder??? How was the whole day?