Wednesday, February 13, 2008


on the way out of
preschool at the
jewish community center
we stopped at the
rehearsal room to listen
at the door.
we always do.
we're listening for 
"скрипки" (violins).

but we found the room 
empty today.

on a good day,
we walk by just
as they are arriving,
and they will let 
us come in and
get a close look at 
those pieces of wood
that do their 
and send my 
spirit soaring


the Kennedy family said...

so, did you get milla into preschool? looks like a cool place.
it's great she gets so much culture in her life, i'm jealous.

JaneH said...

It's no wonder that Milla loves violins. A well played violin can produce the most beautiful sounds. Your a great mother, keep up the good work.

ruth said...

that's really, really cool. i was thinking the same thing as grandma... no wonder she loves violins. does she want to learn how to play? what a great life you all lead. sigh, sigh.