Friday, February 8, 2008


while you're busy
doing your thing,

i'm busy jumping
through the hoops
of the russian

visiting the likes
of establishments
like these,
giving up various
bodily fluids,

filling out forms,
and trying to 
establish permanent


Mindi said...

You've been blessed with much patience girl... and/or a tough skin (although it doesn't show) :) So you're going to be permanent huh? Hope all those bribes don't completely drain your pocketbook! Good luck.

JaneH said...

I know permanent residency would make life easier. But I can't say I vote for it. Sounds to permanent for me. Miss you.

Melanie said...

OH the joys of government paperwork. So much fun!! Luckily I am done until my card runs out...but that's like 8 years away. Then round 2 of the hoops, but at least I will get a new picture for my card and no longer look like a lifelong convict! Good luck!!

Christine said...

Man, it sounds like a lot of work. Good luck and I love your updates!

OnGod'sErrand said...

Wow! at least we didn't have to give blood...just time and patience. Good luck.