Friday, March 21, 2008


when i was pregnant
with avi,
all i wanted were 
limes and sugar cookies.

now, 2 years later,
and i finally have the
ambition and energy
to tackle such a
project as a batch
of sugar cookies.

all in the name of easter,
and with a little help 
from my friends. . .

or should i say friend.
poor avi.

and as much as i cringe 
at every grain of 
sugar that goes into
her mouth,
you just gotta 
let her lick
the beater!
("one for you, one for me")

the sun even shined
all day and it almost
felt like spring. . .


OnGod'sErrand said...

They are a work of art. Milla is making memories and you're making traditions. . . and a little sugar is good for the soul.

Mindi said...

Milla has the look of an artist... such concentration. And what pretty cookies... poor Avi is right.. did she at least get to lick a beater? :) Don't worry, I wouldn't let Jack do it either... but he doesn't have a bigger sibling to give him any ideas. Happy Easter!

jordan said...

cool cookies!

Julie said...

Pictures are adorable. Looks like fun and I wish I could have one of those cookies!

d/b/c/m said...

that picture of milla frosting the cookies belongs in a magazine.

i'm inspired.