Wednesday, March 12, 2008


last year
one of our goals
was to buy art.

this year we're 
doing it.


mer said...

did you purchase these three? lucky ducks.

Melanie said...

We decided last year to frame the art we had! We figured since we now had walls of a house, we should put something on them. I love it! Now if I could only get the family photos up! That's a godo goal for this year, right?

Susan said...

Those are lovely. I think you are perfect. I'll e-mail you a link to my favorite local artist, but his things are at least $850; how will I ever save that much??

Mindi said...

Lovely... Russian artists? I hear those are getting more valuable by the day.. :) (Or am I remembering incorrectly?) Can't wait to see where you hang them.