Tuesday, March 18, 2008

goodbye, hello.

last week 
when i met alex for lunch,
my phone died.
like, died died.

he was a good friend
for a long time.
and i'll miss him.

but not that much.
because today when 
i met alex for lunch,
he surprised me
with a new friend.

and boy, is he
brilliant and beautiful.
(as are you, alex. . .)

i think we'll be friends
for life.


Susan said...

I am so envious! Just yesterday Anne said, "Mom, your phone is, like, so fourth grade." Enjoy!

ktb said...

I want one so darn bad. Can you and I be friends for life? Come on ... I'm a mac.

Mindi said...

guess it can be friends with our other ifriend...

Mindi said...

I meant YOUR other ifriend... missed the Y.

mer said...


Melanie said...

I have the itouch, same as the iphone, just no phone. I can't have anything that requires me to be a part of AT&T. But I like the itouch!! Way to go Alex - good surprise!

MwH said...


Melissa said...

wha? so cool.