Thursday, March 27, 2008


as i was tickling her
and she was eating it up,
i thought about how
it wouldn't last forever.

she won't always let me
blow into her stomach;
she won't giggle and scream in
delight as i shake the trash bag
open before putting it into the can,
asking me to do it
again and again;

she won't have so much fun
pulling out avi's jars of food
or cans of beans and lining
them up on the kitchen floor;

she won't giggle like it's 
going out of style just by peering
into avi's bed as avi sits inside
and they interact one with another;

she won't want me to "do 
a helicopter" and then an airplane
and then a truck, and then a rocket, 
and then a train with 
spoonfuls of food;

she won't have the tradition
of naming whose toothbrush
is whose every time she puts
hers back into the cup at night;

she won't want her cd put on
so that she can dance to
the music by marching around
in circles shaking 
one of avi's rattles;

she won't want me to do
"rock a bye baby" with her
to get her into bed at night;

she won't play ring around
the rosie with me ("pocka wosie")
or ask me to sing
"i am a child of God" or
"popcorn popping" or "i love
to see the temple" or "wheels
on the bus go round and round"
for the 50th time;

she won't scream in delight if i 
chase her, or get so excited to 
put a coin or two in her piggy bank
or to jump onto mom's bed,
or walk around the house
pretending to talk on her cell
phone, head cocked to the side,
looking around with slow blinks
and all sorts of facial
expression and intonation;

she won't giggle uncontrollably
as i push her on the swing
higher and higher;

she won't have to stop on our
walks over and over to point
out all the different air
conditioners and which
ones are working and
which ones aren't.

and i vowed to engrave
in my memory those
fleeting specks
of time.


Christine said...

Wow. This one made me cry. They just grow up so fast. I was telling this lady about our busy schedule and she told me that I would miss being so busy when the kids were grown up and have moved away. So true.

Krista said...

How sweet! These precious, tiny moments do slip away from us often unnoticed- glad you took the time to write those down. We can all use some reminders to enjoy our children more. Thanks!

Mindi said...

Perfect, and if the engravings in your memory ever get worn down (or scratched over by something else adorable ... or confused with the next little angel) you can always refer to this entry... it's worth adding to her journal. :) Beautiful!

d/b/c/m said...

such a beautiful reminder. i needed that. you are so gifted.

i started a new blog, which i made private so i can be more open. if you're interested give me your email address at

JaneH said...

Beautiful memories, treasure them,-keep them close. but know that for everything there is a season. There are many more great memories and great treasures ahead

Susan said...


Stephan said...

I will admit to having had a very similar realization with Violet the other night and crying my eyes out. You put it so beautifully.

Amy said...

you are so so right

OnGod'sErrand said...

Thanks for sharing those treasures. How I miss being a part of that in her life too, but this is a wonderful way to keep those memories alive.