Wednesday, April 30, 2008

leaving on a jet plane

all my bags are packed
i'm ready to go.

cottage in the loire valley, france

french pastries
rolling hills
cheese & baguettes

here we come. . .

now if you'll excuse me,
i think i'll take a little
blogging hiatus. . .


vegetarian girls
and i jump 
at the chance to weasel
any vegetable
into their mouths.

but i had to admit, 
those spinach smoothies
did have me doubting,
just like they do you.

but talk about brilliant.
you don't even know it's in there.
thanks, amy!

grape juice
frozen berries
handful of spinach


Tuesday, April 29, 2008


and speaking of lucky.

we have been super lucky
to have some of our
dear friends visit us
over here.

but to have some of our 
favorite friends
actually move over here,
now that
is beyond lucky.
we still pinch ourselves
every time we see them.

we celebrated this weekend
by recreating our old
picnics in central park
on the way home from church
with our first
picnic of the season.

their cute boy 
and our cute girl
get on splendidly.

and we couldn't be happier.

to those of you
who just said goodbye
to these great friends,
thanks for sharing!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

easter #2

 the church bells
are still a-ringing.

you may only have gotten
one easter this year,
but we got two.

and since we couldn't
find egg dye
until the russian easter
rolled around,
our saturday night
was spent 
doing what the russians do:

going nuts with the
orthodox stickers.

tie dye style

and the rainbow egg
i can't help
but create every year.

and then of course
the egg hunt.
these ones were hid
by milla.

христос воскрес!

Friday, April 25, 2008

little eyes

there was a period there
when i made it a goal
to sing edelweiss
to her every night
at bedtime.  
i love that song
and thought maybe
years down the road 
she will have a memory
of me singing to her
when she was small.
i don't know
how long that period lasted,
but unfortunately
it faded out.

then at least a year later
i pulled that number
out of my repertoire
as i was bathing her.
she loved it instantly
and requested it over and over.
"i want little eyes again"

so it was ingrained 
in her little memory.

these sweet 
spirits. . .

Thursday, April 24, 2008


then there was
that day when we had
dad's car.
and decided to 
have it washed.
we had to sit in line for
1 hour
(that's what happens
in springtime).

it was one thing
to entertain them
for the waiting time

it was another
to comfort them
once the action began
and things got
a little scary.

another man getting
his car washed 
at the same time 
was so fascinated. . .
"aren't they scared?"
"yeah, they are."

but dad was so happy 
to have a 
nice clean car. . .

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

no purpose

there was absolutely
no pull
into the endless 
souvenir shops
in prague, 
however i did
successfully seek out
a couple of bric-a-brac
shops where i spent
a lot of time sifting
through treasures
and came home with 
these beauties.

and though i only have
one or two items in my house
that don't serve any purpose
(thus i was drawn to something that does)
when i threw these
on my shelf out of the reach
of small busybody hands,
i ended up loving
their presence, as is.
and just may 
break some rules
and let this
be their purpose.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

wild blue yonder

today when i looked up,
i saw this.

it was awesome.

Monday, April 21, 2008


an august summer night
and i was still a stranger
to moscow.
that romantic boy
i had come to visit
parked the car 
and blindfolded me,
then led me to this spot.

the monastery was all lit up,
the water was perfectly still,
and the reflection in the pond
was stunning.

now, nearly 7 years
have passed.
we've married,
started a family,
and moved in down the street.

 bring our girls here
to walk, play on barbara bush's
ducks, watch the artists
at work, and feed the 
real ducks at the pond.

7 short years. . .

Thursday, April 17, 2008

louis & natalia

when your friends
stay at the ritz,
sometimes there is 
enough luck to go around.

and her family,
having kids of the same age,
and next thing you know
she's invited you to
her foundation's private
fundraiser party at
louis vuitton's boutique.

after walking up the red carpet 
behind the velvet ropes,
we were greeted personally
by Louis Vuitton CEO
with cameras-a-shooting.

we were by far the most
undistinguished and poorly
dressed ones there,
but that didn't stop us
from having a great time.
cocktails (and juice),
delicious hors d'oeurves,
beautiful cookies,
and lego tables galore.

for the girls,
guerlain makeup stations.
of course, my
independent one would
not having anyone doing
anything to her.
but "um, yeah, can i just
do that myself, please?"

playing legos
with natalia in the background.

we did have to turn down
the LV kids shoes
and fur teddy bears
they were selling,
but proceeds were going
to a noble cause.

thanks natalia, thanks louis!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


i'm not sure 
how many hours
i have spent repairing books.
i have at least one
repair session a week.

i used to try to
keep the nicer ones
out of reach,
but then decided,
what good is a book
if it's not getting any use?

so they get worn and torn,
ripped and abused,
then taped and repaired.
but that love of books
i could never squelch. . .

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ms magic

we let martha stewart
into our home to
work a little magic
(through milla)

and our house smelled
for one and a half hours
as it baked.

and my breakfast
will be
for the next month
as i deplete the supply-
pecan by pecan,
cranberry by cranberry.

will yours?
(with a substitution or two)

Monday, April 14, 2008


she really did mean well,
that babushka.
when avi wanted off the
seesaw before milla did,
i let avi run free
while i pushed milla
a little longer.
but when avi was headed
straight for the puddle,
i left milla to
run after her.
while babushka thought,
"i'll just push her
a bit while
mama is preoccupied 
with the little one."
milla was not prepared
for babushka to take over
mama's job,
and fell flat on her face.

the biggest
knot on a noggin
i've seen in a long time,
poor girl.  
the russians call them
and babushka (who says she
 used to be a children's doctor)
then proceeded to put coins
on the "pinecone"
for the swelling to go down.
but of course,
my little independent one
wanted to have nothing 
to do with that.
you've done enough good,
i did feel bad,
for both of them.

if that weren't enough,
she trips and falls again
on the way home.
"i'm not happy, mama"

and if avi weren't wet enough
from tromping through
the puddle, she came home
and dumped a full glass
of water on her face.

oh, sleep well,
my poor little girls. . .
tonight will be better,
i promise.