Monday, April 21, 2008


an august summer night
and i was still a stranger
to moscow.
that romantic boy
i had come to visit
parked the car 
and blindfolded me,
then led me to this spot.

the monastery was all lit up,
the water was perfectly still,
and the reflection in the pond
was stunning.

now, nearly 7 years
have passed.
we've married,
started a family,
and moved in down the street.

 bring our girls here
to walk, play on barbara bush's
ducks, watch the artists
at work, and feed the 
real ducks at the pond.

7 short years. . .


Mindi said...

Some of my most beautiful pics in Moscow were of that Monestery... and riding ducks is always so much fun! Are these old pics? Or did winter revisit you guys too?!

Susan said...

Is it your anniversary? Sweet pictures. Checking your sweet blog gives me joy!

christine said...

you guys are so cute. can't believe it's already been that long. what a romantic guy alex is! lucky duck.

Christine said...

So, so cute!

Shannon said...

Looking at these pics and reading your blog reminds me of how very far away you are... our days in Russia together seem a world away. I miss you girl! I hope our paths cross again soon. I hate not being a part of your life anymore!

OnGod'sErrand said...

Where are the shorts you were wearing just a week ago?