Monday, April 14, 2008


she really did mean well,
that babushka.
when avi wanted off the
seesaw before milla did,
i let avi run free
while i pushed milla
a little longer.
but when avi was headed
straight for the puddle,
i left milla to
run after her.
while babushka thought,
"i'll just push her
a bit while
mama is preoccupied 
with the little one."
milla was not prepared
for babushka to take over
mama's job,
and fell flat on her face.

the biggest
knot on a noggin
i've seen in a long time,
poor girl.  
the russians call them
and babushka (who says she
 used to be a children's doctor)
then proceeded to put coins
on the "pinecone"
for the swelling to go down.
but of course,
my little independent one
wanted to have nothing 
to do with that.
you've done enough good,
i did feel bad,
for both of them.

if that weren't enough,
she trips and falls again
on the way home.
"i'm not happy, mama"

and if avi weren't wet enough
from tromping through
the puddle, she came home
and dumped a full glass
of water on her face.

oh, sleep well,
my poor little girls. . .
tonight will be better,
i promise.


LKC said...

Oh, poor Milla! What's classic, though, is that you pulled out your camera to document it. Always thinking about a blog post...

OnGod'sErrand said...

OOOOOOooooooweeeeee! My heart aches for her and the look in her eyes tells it all. It's amazing that children survive childhood, isn't it? Please send us a picture of that beautiful little girl with a smile back on her said little face.

Charity said...

Oh my goodness! That looks like it hurts. Poor Milla! Get better soon little one.

Susan said...

Poor Milla...and poor Jen! Hope everyone goes to bed early so you can take a hot bath, read, and rest!

Julie said...

So sorry! We have our share of days like these. We've dubbed James' constant pinecone "the floating bruise."

curg said...

I seems like our George spent about 6 months straight with a bruise on his forehead -- 3 separate occasions. So sad.

BTW, Christy & I love your blog. So cool.