Friday, April 25, 2008

little eyes

there was a period there
when i made it a goal
to sing edelweiss
to her every night
at bedtime.  
i love that song
and thought maybe
years down the road 
she will have a memory
of me singing to her
when she was small.
i don't know
how long that period lasted,
but unfortunately
it faded out.

then at least a year later
i pulled that number
out of my repertoire
as i was bathing her.
she loved it instantly
and requested it over and over.
"i want little eyes again"

so it was ingrained 
in her little memory.

these sweet 
spirits. . .


sarah said...

That is really nice. And makes me rethink my song choices. Probably "I'm looking over my dead dog rover..." isn't going to bring back too many fond memories.

Rebecca said...

I love that you sing that! That's the one I've always sang to my kids and they still ask for it after over 5 years. I guess it sticks with them like it did for me as a kid!

OnGod'sErrand said...

Do you remember????