Thursday, April 17, 2008

louis & natalia

when your friends
stay at the ritz,
sometimes there is 
enough luck to go around.

and her family,
having kids of the same age,
and next thing you know
she's invited you to
her foundation's private
fundraiser party at
louis vuitton's boutique.

after walking up the red carpet 
behind the velvet ropes,
we were greeted personally
by Louis Vuitton CEO
with cameras-a-shooting.

we were by far the most
undistinguished and poorly
dressed ones there,
but that didn't stop us
from having a great time.
cocktails (and juice),
delicious hors d'oeurves,
beautiful cookies,
and lego tables galore.

for the girls,
guerlain makeup stations.
of course, my
independent one would
not having anyone doing
anything to her.
but "um, yeah, can i just
do that myself, please?"

playing legos
with natalia in the background.

we did have to turn down
the LV kids shoes
and fur teddy bears
they were selling,
but proceeds were going
to a noble cause.

thanks natalia, thanks louis!


Susan said...

What an amazing experience! I love the last pic of Milla in her adorable little coat! And you say your life is not glamorous...

happyfamily said...

Wow! You are a bunch of fancy pants'! How fun!

lyn said...

Wow ... and to think we knew you when.

Mindi said...

So fun.. and so adorable your little girlie girl has become. I see her and wonder, would I be able to be a mom to a little girl? I'm afraid I might only be capable of raising a tom-boy.. I wonder if my mind would work any other way?... but, that discussion is for another day. :)

In the meantime, remember us little people when you are a (non-corrupt) Russian oligarch, making your rounds at all those fancy parties!

d/b/c/m said...

i so love that she took over the makeup station. she's so amazingly adorable.

what an awesome night. those kind of things leave enchantment lingering in the air for days after...

MwH said...

How cool!! I love Milla's shoes! :) So what did you wear? Have you ever figured out your Mac account? When are we going to ichat?

mer said...

I've heard about her playground ideas. Very cool indeed. Looks like you were treated like the princesses you are.

Justin said...

sweet blog sista. haven't been here in ages, but will definately come back more often now that we're all linked up n stuff. sounds like a pretty dang sweet gig you got hooked up with. rich and famous....remember us lil guys!

love ya