Wednesday, April 23, 2008

no purpose

there was absolutely
no pull
into the endless 
souvenir shops
in prague, 
however i did
successfully seek out
a couple of bric-a-brac
shops where i spent
a lot of time sifting
through treasures
and came home with 
these beauties.

and though i only have
one or two items in my house
that don't serve any purpose
(thus i was drawn to something that does)
when i threw these
on my shelf out of the reach
of small busybody hands,
i ended up loving
their presence, as is.
and just may 
break some rules
and let this
be their purpose.


mer said...

oh no Jen, you've crossed over! now beauty becomes the're in trouble ;)...just keep a tight watch on your pocket book. i LOVE these btw.

Shannon said...

You're funny...

d/b/c/m said...

love them! now i'm itching to hit thrift stores.