Tuesday, April 29, 2008


and speaking of lucky.

we have been super lucky
to have some of our
dear friends visit us
over here.

but to have some of our 
favorite friends
actually move over here,
now that
is beyond lucky.
we still pinch ourselves
every time we see them.

we celebrated this weekend
by recreating our old
picnics in central park
on the way home from church
with our first
picnic of the season.

their cute boy 
and our cute girl
get on splendidly.

and we couldn't be happier.

to those of you
who just said goodbye
to these great friends,
thanks for sharing!!!


mer said...

which friends? do we know them? we need pics of the parents :).

Julie said...

I didn't know they moved to Russia. How fun for both of you!

Mindi said...

Yes, we were so sad to see them leave... but I guess they are still in good hands. I know they sure were thankful to have you as a resource... we really talked you up (not that you needed to be talked up). You were lifesavers for us, no doubt you will be for them too! :) Give them our love... and have fun with the rest of them next week.. We are sad to not be able to meet up with you all.. for sure next year!

Suzi said...

How great that you guys have each other. NYC lives on in Russia!