Saturday, April 5, 2008


dear girls:
prague is magical.
a little rain,
but still beautiful.
cobble stone streets
art nouveau
and antique shops.
bringing you back
treats, be good.
wish you were here.


Mindi said...

Ah man, I always wanted to go to Prague.. it looks amazing! This a little R&R before the next adventure... you are taking the girls this next time, right?

I'm not even there and it's easy to see the difference between Alex's last job and his current one. :)

Enjoy! ... I'll be looking for more pics when you get back.. better yet, email me the details. I'll have to live vicariously through you guys.. on both trips.

We'll miss being able to meet up with everyone later this month! Please- let's do it again!! I'll start saving my pennies, to be ready for next time.

Melanie said...

Wish I was there too!! Looks beautiful. Have a fantastic time!

di said...

oh jen! we've been thinking about going to prague and i think your postcard convinced us! :) i hear it is really nice there. i hope you had a great time - any chance you'll visit nyc during the summer?