Thursday, April 24, 2008


then there was
that day when we had
dad's car.
and decided to 
have it washed.
we had to sit in line for
1 hour
(that's what happens
in springtime).

it was one thing
to entertain them
for the waiting time

it was another
to comfort them
once the action began
and things got
a little scary.

another man getting
his car washed 
at the same time 
was so fascinated. . .
"aren't they scared?"
"yeah, they are."

but dad was so happy 
to have a 
nice clean car. . .

1 comment:

christine said...

jordan used to cry when we went through the car wash, too -- but she grew out of it. when she saw the other 2 loving it, she changed her mind! don't think we would have waited an hour, though, that's crazy!