Friday, April 11, 2008

the switch

i don't know
what it was for you,
but for us,
yesterday was
the unloading of
the summer clothes.

the organizing,

and the packing up
of the winter goods
to store.

and today???

today it was


the kennedy family said...

wow, that would be nice! we're still getting snow here, so even though we have nice days in between, we can't put those winter clothes away for good. . .yet!

Melanie said...

today was waking up to sleety/snow covered not quite time for shorts. Maybe next week, but probably next month is more likely! Not that I have any that will fit me!!

mer said...

that sounds like a dream. I can't wait until I have enough energy and desire to get organized. I guess I should start with putting my laundry away.

Mindi said...

Woot woo... seems like summer has hit Moscow first.. hope those rays are coming (to stay) our way real soon! We've had sunny days (last week) and then cold days (today)... I wish Mother Nature would make up it's mind!!