Thursday, May 29, 2008



and then really,
one must admit 
there are those nights
when she waits
for this moment
the whole evening long. . .

closing their bedroom doors,
lazily lathering lotion 
into her hands,
donning those red silk pj's
her mother-in-law brought
her back from china,
kicking up her feet,
and loving hearing
nothing but the hum
of the dryer.


lyn said...

Ooooh.... I'm loving red these days.

Mindi said...

How nice to have a mother-in-law that travels (and brings back gifts) so often.

happyfamily said...


Susan said...

Don't you just love pj's? I'm still on a quest to find the perfect pair...

OnGod'sErrand said...

Silk pj's sound dreamy!

Jus said...

i completely relate to everything except the pj's and the dryer. maybe its just those nights of quiet i love. yes....some "me" time ... finally...! Just replace the hum of the dryer with Sports Center and I'm in! ;-)

Bess said...

I hear ya!