Monday, June 23, 2008


and it's just 
plain fact
that no two little girls
can grow up together
and have a complete,
happy childhood
without a little 
table and chair set.

we can now
check that one off the list
and then keep
whittling away 
at it. . .


Susan said...

How precious!! Milla has so much hair...when is Avi going to grow some? You owe me a long e-mail!

Mindi said...

I completely agree... and neither can little boys. I just bought one off Craig's list last week. Now Jack can play, eat, and draw on his little table with chairs out on the patio throughout the day.

Still not sure home much fun it will be come winter time... we might have to bring it indoors at that point.

I see daily tea parties scheduled at the Prokhorov house. Enjoy!

Brittney said...

Milla's smile in the final picture is so cute! How fun!

JaneH said...

Milla and Avi will you invite Great Grandmp to tea?

Julie said...

You'll love it! Ours gets used daily -- and drug inside and outside, depending on the activity, a few times a week.