Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the old gallery

it had been awhile
since i'd been 
to the old tretyakov gallery.

that gold mine of russian works
spanning the years
and encapsulating
volumes of history
rich with turmoil, struggle,
war, victory, determination,
labor, and hope.
the soul of russia
just drips from
the ceiling.

and oh, how
filipp malyavin
portrays the peasant woman
in one of my
all-time favorites.

can you not feel it???


OnGod'sErrand said...

Maybe it's better in person...:)

Justin said...

i'm sure it's beautiful. i'm sure its stunning. i'm sure it's artful. unfortunately when god was creating my mind he decided not to include the whole appreciation for artsy things. i can appreciate realism. left-brained and boring, i know. oh well. someday i'll be able to look at a random smattering of paint a 3-year old could do...sit back and declare it....ART!