Wednesday, June 25, 2008

uh uh

and for the most part
it was really 
just a typical day
at the park,
that day we brought 
the bubbles.
and though she looks
very cute
in this picture,
she was not looking cute
when she was 
throwing the bubbles
and screaming
when it was time 
to go home.

but much more disturbing
were those two boys
who brought their
play machine guns

and pretended
to blow up
myself and my children
the whole time
we were there.

now i know some things
you end up caving on
("i swear, when i have kids
i will NEVER change a diaper
in public. . .")
but letting my boys play
with toy guns?

uh uh.


Becky said...

I WAS ROTFL about this one! Your "two-worlds-collide" life just keeps going...and this time its not a cultural collision, but a gender difference. Dylan dresses up either as Venom, a ninja, or Indy Jones everyday, and how do I know which he is "today?" Its all in the weapons. I prefer Venom because that Indy whip hurts!

lyn said...

Yeah...I take it one step further: no toy weapons. The only exception we have is light sabers that Thomas has had since he was 3, but I hide them as much as possible.

I was actually very proud of Thomas at the park a couple weeks ago. His friends had toy knife and gun. Thomas was holding one of them, but then handed it back saying he wasn't allowed to play with it. I hope he'll do the same thing when I'm not watching...

Despite the ban, little boys will turn sticks, pencils and everything else into weapons....

Susan said...

At age three Ryan was nibbling his toast into the shape of a gun, so I broke down and let hiim have a toy pistol. Now he's grown and despite my child rearing mistakes he is anti-war, anti-handgun, anti-violence, and loves stray cats. I'm so proud!