Friday, July 18, 2008


and oh,
i had long awaited
the children's book industry
in russia
to become the art form
americans know it to be.

with one quick flip
through oksana grivina's book
she had just as quickly
become my new favorite
children's book
author and illustrator.


"for breakfast i eat
hot cereal
and drink milk."

"if i were the
queen of england,
for breakfast 
i would eat pastries."

"if i were a cow,
i would chew grass."

"if i were a secret agent,
i would eat secret messages."

"if i were a germ,
i would eat dirty hands."

"if i were grandfather frost,
i would eat icicles."

"if i were a doll,
i would eat plastic cookies."

of course in the end,
our friend is happy to be eating
her hot cereal and 
drinking her milk.

is this not one of 
life's great lessons?


Brittney said...

What beautiful illustrations! I treasure the few russian children's books I purchased while there.

OnGod'sErrand said...

I love it! That's a keeper. I'll bet Milla already has it memorized.

Shannon said...

love it! Great illustrations! I'll be sharing it with Dave as he would like to do some children's book illustrating and is trying to pinpoint "his style". Fun to see what is out there.

mer said...

i totally dig her as well and have tons of images for inspiration. I didn't even know she was Russian.

Mindi said...

From your (seemingly one and only) un-artistic friend... thanks for sharing that cute story and beautiful illustrations... and being my interruptor since I would have been able to read it myself.

anjobanjo said...

darling book! if only i had cute girls like you to enjoy it with!